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Amorim Group

Portugal made cork global. It made the amazing cork oak tree indispensable to the world, and rendered a prodigious material its deserved place.

The Amorim Group is one of the largest, most entrepreneurial and dynamic multinationals of Portuguese origin. Its origins were in the cork business, back in 1870 and today it is the world leader in the sector.
Amorim was at the genesis and at the heart of this worldwide expansion movement, by investing and believing in this exceptional raw material.
The company began as a small cork stopper factory established in 1870. Guided by a vision of sustained growth, the Group has engaged in the diversification of its business in sectors and geographical areas with high growth potential. In the 1960s, the process to vertically integrate the cork business and internationalize activities began.
Maintaining the family hallmark, the Amorim Group currently boasts a consolidated position in dozens of companies throughout the five continents and in a wide range of economic areas. 
Today cork is the raw material of choice in sectors such as wine, sustainable construction, aeronautics and aerospace, transport, fashion, design, sport and endless applications in high profile world projects.
As a result of this investment, cork not only adds value to the products into which it is incorporated, but enjoys a new international position, by conquering a market which is increasingly eager for quality natural products.

more than 107 000 000 sqf

production capacity

over 1 third

of global cork production

5 800 000 000

of cork stoppers sold per year



10.4 M€

invested annually in R&D

837.8M €


29 000 clients

the world's largest distribution network

The Beating Heart of Cork

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