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Environmental Performance

Respect for nature is at the core of our existence. Therefore, making sure our processes and products respect the highest standards in environmental protection is embedded in our culture.

Environmental Product Declaration

EPD Environmental Product Declaration is a third-party independent evaluation that reports environmental data of products based on their life cycle assessment. A product with an EPD guarantees to the consumers that it respects environmental standards.

Blue Angel

Blue Angel is a voluntary certification that follows rigorous environmental standards and is renowned as a reference guide for a more sustainable way of living. Blue Angel is synonym of a product (or service) that meets rigorous criteria of environmental performance such as being PVC free.

CO₂ Retention

Climate Positive floors (62%)

More than 60% of our products are CO₂ negative, meaning that they capture more CO₂ from the atmosphere than they emit, helping to reduce Global Warming Potential.

Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable Buildings

All of our products contribute with points to LEED and BREEAM certifications for sustainable construction and projects.


Amorim Cork Flooring products contribute with points in the following categories:

Materials and Resources

Indoor Environmental Quality


Amorim Cork Flooring products contribute with points in the following categories:

Health and well being


The natural born technology


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